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We provide professional advice by professional expertise.

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Customs Clearance

We can handle all shipments documentation.



We can provide inspection, sampling, quality and quantity controls, spot analysis on sight, and certifications.

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Air Freight

We provide customer-specific airfreight programs to shippers of all weights and/or sizes.

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Ocean Freight

We offer a full array of ocean-related services.

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Packing & Door To Door Services

We offer original packing solutions and can handle sensitive, unpacked products.

“Trust start with truth and ends with truth.”

We Provide Logistics Services


We provide professional advice made by a  very professional team and experts to help our clients with the best service to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

We can support our clients with any issue related to (air freight, ocean and sea freight, customs clearance, etc…… ).

We aim to provide a full and completely integrated service for our customers, enabling them to outsource their entire logistics operations.

Our resources allow us to combine the very latest physical handling and information management techniques. Our international transport and distribution services use every possible type of physical handling procedures.

All this requires very special skills and knowledge. We are capable and qualified.

please don’t hesitate to contact us via this form below and our expert will respond as soon as possible.

Air Freight

As an IATA agent for all major airlines, we provide a complete package of air logistics services through our global network and tracking technology.

We are a global leader in air consolidation and forwarding, we provide customer-specific airfreight programs to shippers of all weights/sizes.

We understand that air freight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication, combined with the ability to seize cost-saving opportunities.

Types Of Air Freight Services
– Airport to airport
– Airport to door
– Door to airport
– Door to door
– Sea / Air
– Dangerous Goods Handling

GreenLine International (ltd.) offers full-service capabilities with flexibility, can handle all details of your shipments,  and the air transportation required for exporting your shipments from your door to your overseas customer’s door. 

Global Services
– Airline insurance
– Inland transportation
–  Cargo Booking & Pick-up
– Cargo Tracking & Tracing
– Cycle Time Reporting
– Documentations
– Freight Consolidation
– Insurance Services
– Shipping all kinds of dangerous & non-dangerous materials.

GreenLine International (ltd.) Air Consolidation Services, provide flexible airline scheduling, competitive rates, and cost-saving.

We also provide shipment tracking and tracing from booking to destination delivery.

Ocean & Sea Freight


 We are uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of your shipment from launch to catch. 

We offer a full array of ocean-related services including Ocean Forwarding, FCL container, Consolidation or management as well as customer-in-house services.

Our experienced professionals are trained to guide you through the complexities of global shipping. 

Types Of Ocean Freight 

FCL (Full Container Load) 
Based on carrier routing options, FCL is our best transit-time-to-cost combination type for full container loads. FCL offers complete schedule flexibility, a high frequency of sailings per port.

LCL (Less-than-Container Load)
A competitively priced consolidation type provides you with reliable performance and a lower supply chain cost.

GreenLine International (ltd.) offers multiple sailing schedules per week and a variety of quality carrier options, adding to our ever-growing network. 

Our network of worldwide offices and expertise in equipment management provides our customers with worry-free shipping from door to door.

Global Services
Our employees use the latest information technology and computer systems to manage your shipment through the delivery cycle.
–  Cargo Booking & Pick-up
– Cargo Tracking & Tracing
– Cycle Time Reporting
– Documentations
– Freight Consolidation
– Insurance Services
– Shipping all kinds of dangerous & non-dangerous materials.
– Competitive pricing

GreenLine International (ltd.) can coordinate vendor requirements including pre/post-shipment inspections for various entities such as foreign governments, customs, insurance, carriers, customers, estimating, and load planning.

Customs Clearance

As a company that offers full-service capabilities with flexibility, GreenLine International (ltd.) can handle all details of your shipments, including documentation, conformance to Customs regulations, and the transportation required for exporting or importing your shipments from your door to your customer’s door.


We have a great team of qualified customs agents who provide experience and reliability for clearing all kind of shipments in  all air/sea Egyptians ports.

We handle all formal procedures in any governmental institution such as (The general organization for export and import control – Ministry of Public Health -Ministry of Foreign affairs -legalizations-……etc.)


Over the last years, our company has expanded its range of services by meeting the requirements of its customers to integrate the offer of maritime and port services with those linked with the road/rail transport.

we perform inspections of the suitability of warehouses and means of transport, assistance during transfers of goods and fumigations, measurement of the parameters determining the preservation of the goods (temperature, moisture, spot analysis, specific weight, foreign maters, aflatoxins, DON).

The products we usually handle are cereals (including rice), wheat, sugar, vegetable oils, oil-seeds, pasta, pulses, dairy products, canned vegetables and meats, animal feeds.

The Controls Department operates internationally on behalf of multinational companies and organizations such as the European Commission, the WFP, ONU Agencies, the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC Egypt), the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC Egypt) and the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC).

The main services offered :
– Quality and quantity controls
– Sampling
– Spot analysis on site
– Assistance and supervision during loading and discharging operations (performed on any means of transport such as vessels, wagons, trucks, etc.)
– Tally of packed goods
– Stock inventories
– Surveys and consultations
– Certifications

We organize, coordinate and supervise all physical and documentary customs and port operations involved in the movement of vessels, that carry a wide range of agri-food products…

We are developed to assist the governments to perform the controls, by the certification to confirm that the goods comply the applicable requirements. To do so, we perform documentary checks, physical inspections, laboratory testing.

We reduce the risks by inspecting shipments in the country of export before dispatch.

We allow to speed up the customs clearance process and the traders/operators do not risk the rejection of the goods at the destination.

The Controls Department can perform pre-and post-shipment inspections of agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, medical equipment and devices, spare parts, etc.

Our certificates are recognized by the EU as authorization for the payment of the subsidies (refunds). Our company can offer this services to all the interested operators for goods destined to various countries throughout the world.

Packing & Door To Door Services

We offer original packing solutions and can handle sensitive, unpacked products & personal effects with the optimum raw material to ensure the optimum & safe delivery of shipments.

We handle all export packaging, labeling & documentation.

Our expert packers make sure that your cargo is properly packed and protected.

We arrange and rearrange your cargo in order to achieve the smallest possible combination for customizing a crate with the sole purpose of reducing dead spaces in your shipment.